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Save time when eva­lua­ting your CT images by trans­fer­ring them to our Micro­vis­ta Cloud. It auto­ma­ti­cal­ly checks pre­vious­ly defi­ned defect focal points. After the trans­fer, you will imme­dia­te­ly know whe­ther the com­po­nent meets the requi­red qua­li­ty. The speed of an inspec­tion is thus redu­ced to the scan­ning time of your com­pu­ter tomo­graph. You can use this ser­vice in the field of indus­tri­al com­pu­ter tomo­gra­phy not only for the auto­ma­ted inspec­tion of lar­ge quan­ti­ties, but also for a more in-depth indi­vi­du­al part inspec­tion by Microvista’s experts. 

Rent our mobile CT

Do you need a CT sys­tem at short noti­ce for a spe­ci­fic peri­od of time direct­ly at your pro­duc­tion site? Then our mobi­le CT is the right choice for you! With this solu­ti­on, you save yours­elf high invest­ment cos­ts & long wai­ting times. The set-up is car­ri­ed out by our experts & adapt­ed to your needs. A ful­ly auto­ma­ted eva­lua­ti­on is set up on request. The only thing you have to take over is the intro­duc­tion of the com­pon­ents into the CT. Only Micro­vis­ta offers this ser­vice in the field of indus­tri­al com­pu­ted tomography.

Microvista scans & evaluates

For small or irre­gu­lar bat­ches, it is not wort­hwhile to purcha­se or rent your own CT. In some cases, the­re are also spe­cial inspec­tion tasks that requi­re the exper­ti­se of CT experts on site. For such cases, Micro­vis­ta offers you the pos­si­bi­li­ty to send your com­pon­ents to our loca­ti­on & have them inspec­ted.  As with Microvista’s other ser­vices, you can rely on fast test­ing by indus­tri­al com­pu­ted tomography.