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You scan — Microvista evaluates

You have your own CT, but need help with data eva­lua­ti­on? Your capa­ci­ties to eva­lua­te scan data are tight and your staff is not trai­ned? Manu­al ana­ly­sis robs you of valuable time for other urgent tasks and spe­cial pro­gram­mes for eva­lua­ti­on are not available?

Micro­vis­ta not only has a CT labo­ra­to­ry with sta­te-of-the-art CT scan­ners, but has also deve­lo­ped and imple­men­ted an auto­ma­ted pro­cess for CT data eva­lua­ti­on. You can pro­vi­de us with your recon­s­truc­ted CT scan data and test­ing requi­re­ments in the Micro­vis­ta Secu­re Cloud. The results are che­cked via a Q‑gate and trans­fer­red to you in the form of data and an inspec­tion report via the cloud. The pro­ces­sing of the data is secu­re­ly tra­cked via encrypt­ed channels.

Whe­ther small quan­ti­ty or seri­al scan — put the CT data eva­lua­ti­on in our hands. Micro­vis­ta saves you time and money and pro­vi­des you with imme­dia­te, relia­ble eva­lua­ti­on results — accor­ding to your wishes.

CT data evaluation process