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Measurement of wall thicknesses with complex geometries

“Fas­ter & fur­ther” — this mot­to is fol­lo­wed for elec­tric vehic­les as well as for com­bus­ti­on engi­nes. Low part weight with high mecha­ni­cal strength at the same time is required. 

Com­plex geo­me­tries are the result. Howe­ver, the­se lead most test methods to their limits. Opti­cal & tac­ti­le mea­su­ring methods only work if the walls are free­ly acces­si­ble. In ultra­so­nic or X‑ray test­ing, the­re must be no super­im­po­si­ti­on to enable cor­rect mea­su­re­ment of wall thic­k­nes­ses. Indus­tri­al CT over­co­mes the­se limi­ta­ti­ons & makes it pos­si­ble to mea­su­re wall thic­k­nes­ses with com­pli­ca­ted geometries.

Wall thickness measurement for series or individual components

To ensu­re the robust­ness of lar­ge quan­ti­ties, Micro­vis­ta per­forms a ful­ly auto­ma­tic & eco­no­mic­al mea­su­re­ment of the wall thic­k­ness at pre­de­fi­ned points on each com­po­nent. NOK com­pon­ents can be imme­dia­te­ly sor­ted out by a real-time eva­lua­ti­on. The inspec­tion can be per­for­med at your pro­duc­tion site with a mobi­le CT solu­ti­on or via your CT via cloud. Alter­na­tively, you can also send Micro­vis­ta your com­pon­ents. Micro­vis­ta car­ri­es out both series and indi­vi­du­al part inspec­tions in its in-house CT labo­ra­to­ry. If you need to do it quick­ly, you can book an express opti­on for the indi­vi­du­al part inspection.

Lar­ge varia­ti­ons in the wall thic­k­ness of a sta­tor housing

Identify critical deviations

The blue gui­de lines indi­ca­te the tar­get ran­ge for the wall thic­k­ness. A wall thic­k­ness that is too thin, as shown in the pic­tu­re, can lead to a break­down in the field. This would result in the elec­tric vehic­le coming to a standstill after a short time. 

A qua­li­ty con­trol with CT pre­vents wall thic­k­nes­ses that are too thin from remai­ning undetected. 

Abweichung beim Messen der Wandstärke im CT-Bild

Target/actual ana­ly­sis