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When to rely on Microvista’s CT laboratory?

Sim­ply send us the com­pon­ents: Microvista’s experts scan & eva­lua­te. Exter­nal qua­li­ty con­trol with CT is the ide­al opti­on if you want to inspect indi­vi­du­al parts or release a batch once. Auto­ma­ted inspec­tion of a series is also pos­si­ble. Howe­ver, the time requi­red for ship­ping the com­pon­ents is more signi­fi­cant in this case. For this reason, Micro­vis­ta offers the opti­on of ren­ting a mobi­le CT. This gives you full fle­xi­bi­li­ty, saves high invest­ment cos­ts and wai­ting times when purcha­sing your own CT. If you alre­a­dy have a CT and want to speed up your eva­lua­ti­on pro­cess enorm­ously with auto­ma­ti­on, this is pos­si­ble via the Micro­vis­ta Cloud.

Advantages through the CT laboratory:

Procedure of an inspection with industrial CT

Serial testing

Do you have com­pli­ca­ted and/or safe­ty-rele­vant com­pon­ents in high-qua­li­ty end pro­ducts? Would dama­ge cau­sed by qua­li­ty defects far exceed the manu­fac­tu­ring costs?

Pro­tect yours­elf in the­se cases with a fast, low-effort & non-des­truc­ti­ve inspec­tion. In Microvista’s CT labo­ra­to­ry, an inspec­tion pro­cess can be imple­men­ted quick­ly & at low cost using rea­dy-made pro­cess & auto­ma­ti­on modules.

Series testing procedure at Microvista

*Note: Scan within 24h only by arran­ge­ment & depen­ding on the num­ber of parts.


Do you need an initi­al sam­ple test report or do you need sup­port in pro­to­ty­pe development?

Relia­ble state­ments on the pro­duct con­di­ti­on befo­re the start of pro­duc­tion or in the deve­lo­p­ment pro­cess must be available quick­ly in order to react in time and draw the right con­clu­si­ons. Micro­vis­ta can sup­port you with exper­ti­se in the plan­ning and exe­cu­ti­on of CT scans and the sub­se­quent ana­ly­sis of these.

Sampling procedure with CT

**Note: Lead time by arran­ge­ment, usual­ly < 3 days for stan­dard tasks.