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Check hard-to-reach cavities for burrs, core residues & chips

High demands on com­po­nent cle­an­li­ne­ss, such as in the auto­mo­ti­ve indus­try, requi­re that “lef­to­vers” such as burrs, core resi­dues & chips are remo­ved excep­tio­nal­ly and com­ple­te­ly. If com­pon­ents have not been pro­per­ly debur­red, for exam­p­le, this can lead to blocka­ges which can result in mal­func­tion or damage. 

Indus­tri­al com­pu­ted tomo­gra­phy makes it pos­si­ble to check for the pre­sence of sand or core resi­dues, lar­ger chips and burrs cau­sed by core breaka­ge in cas­tings. The advan­ta­ge of CT in this case is that hard-to-reach cavi­ties insi­de can be inspec­ted. In the case of flash, even the quan­ti­ty of the clo­sure can be deter­mi­ned automatically.

Advantages over other CT providers

Lar­ge com­pon­ents & dif­fi­cult-to-radia­te mate­ri­als are not neces­s­a­ri­ly an obs­ta­cle for Microvista’s com­pu­ter tomo­graphs. In addi­ti­on, it is pos­si­ble to inspect high quan­ti­ties ful­ly auto­ma­ti­cal­ly & eco­no­mic­al­ly. The inspec­tion can take place at your pro­duc­tion site with a mobi­le CT solu­ti­on or via your CT via cloud. Alter­na­tively, you can also send Micro­vis­ta your com­pon­ents. Series as well as sin­gle part inspec­tions are pos­si­ble. With the sel­ec­tion of express inspec­tion, you can have indi­vi­du­al parts inspec­ted in a prio­ri­ti­sed manner.

Restsand-Verteilung im Wasserraum - Grat, Kernreste und Späne im CT-Bild

Resi­du­al sand dis­tri­bu­ti­on in the water space