SCANEXPRESS — How does the mobile CT work?

GET YOUR INSPECTION DONE – Anywhere. Anytime. Fast.

So simple & fast is the operation


1. Sel­ect inspec­tion pro­gram
2. Insert com­po­nent and have it scan­ned
3. Data trans­fer from the ser­ver to the cloud
4. Recei­ve the results of the cloud eva­lua­ti­on
5. Remo­ve and sort component

With a set­up tail­o­red to your test­ing chall­enge, it is pos­si­ble to auto­ma­ti­cal­ly test your com­pon­ents via the Micro­vis­ta Cloud in just a few seconds. Your eva­lua­ti­on pro­grams are adjus­ted before­hand to your inspec­tion para­me­ters by means of arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence. Through this pro­cess, an inspec­tion can be per­for­med quick­ly & cost-effec­tively. So you know which com­pon­ents are OK and which are NOK. This way you can find out if your inspec­tion pro­cess is capa­ble and mas­te­red, as well as pre­vent the fur­ther pro­ces­sing of NOK components. 

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