We are a member of the Saxony-Anhalt Environmental Alliance 

The Saxony-Anhalt Environmental Alliance supports companies in the area of corporate environmental protection and more environmentally friendly economic development. We are pleased to be able to work with the 250 other members on this important goal from now on and to make our contribution to environmental protection.

As part of joining this alliance, we will continuously make our Blankenburg site and our work processes more sustainable.

How do we care for the environment?

• We use the waste heat from our CT systems to heat our hall. So we don't need any other heat sources.
• We convert the majority of the energy needed to generate X-rays into heat, which we will use in future to heat the workshop in winter.
• We rely on green electricity!
• There are eco-islands on our company grounds - native plants and shrubs can develop naturally here. To promote flora & fauna, we will install insect hotels and nesting boxes in the coming months.

We are convinced that economic and ecological goals are not mutually exclusive but complementary and look forward to implementing many more projects. 

Umweltallianz Sachsen-Anhalt