Series examination

CT checks small and middle series fast

The 0 fault strategy of many enterprises forces the manufacturers to optimized and efficient test procedures. Particularly in the process flows quality fluctuations must be recognized and analysed. The analysis method “computed tomography” make it possible, the three-dimensional detection of the components and the characteristics of a more accurate quality control, than the conventional X-ray. By combining a fast CT and a specially developed software for analysing and evaluating the scan results, Microvista GmbH can realize automatic control of small and medium series up to 100% inspection.

Ergebnisanzeige Serienprüfung

The automatic system can evaluate scan results objectively and classify results at an existing limiting value specification (OK/not OK components). Due to the fast CT and automatic short cycle times and high repeatability in the scan be guaranteed. Moreover, allows the database-oriented result and fault detection statistical reviews for fault location, incidence of errors and error size. Therefore becomes process parameters considerably recognize and adjustable.