Serial testing

Fast CT for the inspection & measurement of component series

Serial component inspection is a great added value for OEMs and the entire supply chain in various application scenarios: The fast and cost-effective examination of batches identifies quality defects and reduces costs for the further processing of components with hidden defects.

With us you will reach your quality goal:

  • You achieve a capable/mastered production process and can gradually reduce your inspection effort.
  • We prevent your batch from being blocked and provide you with proof of quality.

Fast and cost-effective 100% inspection

By combining a fast CT and specially developed software for analysing and evaluating the scan results, we can realise automatic series control up to 100% inspection - and at a favourable price!


With the use of artificial intelligence in serial inspection, Microvista is considered as a pioneer in the field of automated analysis and evaluation routines of CT scan data in the industrial sector.
We have published a technical article on this exciting topic in Foundry (April 2019 issue)