Mobile industrial CT on the home straight


The heart of the mobile industrial CT completed 

The rea­li­sa­ti­on of the mobi­le CT SCANEXPRESS was laun­ched with Fraun­ho­fer EZRT. So that auto­ma­ted qua­li­ty assuran­ce will come to Microvista’s cus­to­mers in the near future. And this:

In the mean­ti­me, the sys­tem has alrea­dy been trans­por­ted in a radia­ti­on pro­tec­tion cabin, so that the first CT scans are cur­r­ent­ly being car­ri­ed out at Fraun­ho­fer. The pro­ject is now ent­e­ring the hot phase.

Quality assurance

Par­al­lel to the first test scans with the mobi­le CT, Micro­vis­ta is rebuil­ding to make room for main­ten­an­ce and set-up pur­po­ses. Befo­re each deli­very to the cus­to­mer, the mobi­le CT is put through its paces to ensu­re that ever­ything runs smooth­ly in ope­ra­ti­on. In addi­ti­on, it is adap­ted to the indi­vi­du­al exami­na­ti­on task. This means that a quick sys­tem cali­bra­ti­on can be car­ri­ed out after ship­ment. The result is a real-time eva­lua­ti­on with AI and an auto­ma­tic report after each inspection.

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