Inline CT: 100 % examination of components in line with series production

In industrial production of components and assemblies, quality assurance plays a decisive role. Product recalls due to failures in the field are associated with enormous costs and can result in long-term damage of a manufacturer’s image. In order to prevent such problems to the greatest possible extent, OEM quality standards have become increasingly demanding across a range of industries in recent years. Compliance with specifications and standards has to be verified via suitable tests.

Therefore, inline computed tomography is a valuable contribution in rapid non-destructive testing processes.

Microvista GmbH operates a prototype inline CT system. This type of system can be directly implemented in the component manufacturer’s process chain and can be used for 100 % component testing.




This inline CT scanning is based on medical CT systems and is able to subject e.g. light metal casting components to NDT testing at a minute frequency and to test and classify them with regard to compliance with certain characteristics (i.o. / n.i.o./ rework).

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