Final spurt now also for the mobile CT Container

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Impressions of the current status

The heart of the mobi­le CT is alre­a­dy finis­hed. Now it is a mat­ter of com­ple­ting its shell. That’s why we step­ped on the gas again at the end of last year to push ahead with the con­s­truc­tion of the CT con­tai­ner. In addi­ti­on to the CT, this will also house a tech­ni­cal and ope­ra­ting room. Befo­re the mar­ria­ge of CT and con­tai­ner, the instal­la­ti­on of the lead clad­ding for radia­ti­on pro­tec­tion will still be an important step. In addi­ti­on to this, air-con­di­tio­ning tech­no­lo­gy will also be instal­led in the con­tai­ner.  We are curr­ent­ly loo­king for­ward to the deli­very date in February.

Container mobiles CT
Platte Container
Verkleidung des mobilen CT

Outlook 2023: The 4 next steps 

CW2 bis CW4
Remai­ning work on the con­tai­ner in the area of radia­ti­on pro­tec­tion & inte­ri­or fittings
Mar­ria­ge and con­nec­tion of the CT cage
Clo­sure of the con­tai­ner and first radia­ti­on pro­tec­tion & func­tion­al tests.
Arri­val of the mobi­le CT at Micro­vis­ta in Blankenburg

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