SOP can turn into a night­ma­re becau­se of dis­co­ve­ring pro­blems late­ly — this brand new solu­ti­on can help to avo­id it



Online per Micro­soft Teams

22nd of June at 11 a.m.


If you want to ensu­re the hig­hest qua­li­ty of the pro­duc­tion pro­cess, onsite, fast and easy, espe­ci­al­ly during the important peri­ode arround SOP-  then you’­re in the right spot.

In this Mer­ce­des-Benz exclu­si­ve work­shop with an assor­ted num­ber of par­ti­ci­pan­ts, Prof. Dr. Lutz Hagner, CEO, will intro­du­ce you to a new, inno­va­ti­ve tool that addres­ses expec­ted and unex­pec­tet risks in new pro­duc­tion processes.

By the end of this work­shop, you will have a clear view which new oppor­tu­ni­ties this opens up in the SOP context:

Of cour­se, the­re will also be time for you to ask any ques­ti­on you might have around CT inspec­tion.
This work­shop is a must-attend event for anyo­ne loo­king to stay ahead of the cur­ve in the auto­mo­ti­ve qua­li­ty con­trol pro­cess.

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