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Pores & Shrinkage

Typ­i­cal defects in com­po­nents are pores, blow­holes and inclu­sions. These can be detect­ed by means of a CT scan, dis­played in 3D, eval­u­at­ed accord­ing to the var­i­ous stan­dards (P202, VW50093). Scan results are avail­able after only a few sec­onds, depend­ing on the com­po­nent and accu­ra­cy require­ments. This makes CT inspec­tion sur­pris­ing­ly inexpensive.


Wall thick­ness measurement

The indus­tri­al com­put­er tomo­graphs can also work as coor­di­nate mea­sur­ing machines. Mea­sure­ments can be tak­en at any posi­tion on the draw­ing and com­pared with spec­i­fi­ca­tions. In con­nec­tion with light­weight con­struc­tion require­ments, wall thick­ness mea­sure­ment plays a spe­cial role.

CT Datenauswertung

CT data evaluation

Micro­vista has also devel­oped an auto­mat­ed process for CT data eval­u­a­tion and imple­ment­ed. You can pro­vide us with your recon­struct­ed CT scan data and inspec­tion require­ments in the Micro­vista Secure Cloud. The results are checked via a Q‑Gate and trans­ferred to you in the form of data and an inspec­tion report via the cloud.


Ser­i­al inspection

Auto­mat­ic inspec­tion of larg­er sam­ples up to 100% inspec­tion. Due to pre­set para­me­ters, com­po­nents in high quan­ti­ties and with very low cycle times are clas­si­fied (see above).

Montage- und Fügekontrolle

Assem­bly and joint control

Indus­tri­al­ly or man­u­al­ly man­u­fac­tured assem­blies can be exam­ined by means of CT as part of an assem­bly and join­ing inspec­tion with regard to assem­bly errors with­out dis­man­tling or destroy­ing them.

Detektion von Kernresten

Core residues, chips, burr

The CT exam­i­na­tion allows cav­i­ties to be checked for the pres­ence of sand or core residues, larg­er chips and burrs caused by core break­age in cast­ings. In case of burr, the quan­ti­ty of the clo­sure can be deter­mined automatically.


Ultra­son­ic testing

Micro­vista offers non-destruc­tive mate­ri­als test­ing using air-cou­pled ultra­sound. Instead of water and gel, air is used as the cou­pling agent. This method has the advan­tage that it can be inte­grat­ed direct­ly into a pro­duc­tion process. It is also pos­si­ble to test objects made of eas­i­ly deformable mate­ri­als (e.g. elas­tomers). The non-destruc­tive air­borne ultra­son­ic exam­i­na­tion is ide­al for test­ing for defects, inclu­sions and inho­mo­geneities, among oth­er things.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engi­neer­ing

There is nei­ther a cur­rent draw­ing nor a CAD mod­el of an exist­ing com­po­nent. In reverse engi­neer­ing, a real com­po­nent is first digi­tised. The real geom­e­try is then avail­able as a point cloud. In order to achieve a uni­ver­sal CAD mod­el with­out man­u­fac­tur­ing devi­a­tions, the part is then reworked with a CAD program.

Most rel­e­vant sectors

Alu­minum casting

Addi­tive manufacturing

Bat­tery systems

Med­ical technology




Use of AI

The use of arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) ensures effi­cien­cy, cost sav­ings and error pre­ven­tion in non-destruc­tive test­ing. Micro­vista makes tar­get­ed use of auto­mat­ic eval­u­a­tion meth­ods in which com­po­nents are checked for defects and has devel­oped tools to pro­vide robust solu­tions even with few ini­tial data.

Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz

CT sys­tem

Up to now, the logis­tics to and from the test­ing ser­vice provider dur­ing series inspec­tion have been asso­ci­at­ed with high costs and time expen­di­ture. These expens­es can now be saved: With the mobile “Flex CT” sys­tem, the inspec­tion of larg­er quan­ti­ties of parts can soon be car­ried out direct­ly at the customer’s premis­es. Micro­vista is cur­rent­ly devel­op­ing such a sys­tem and will soon pro­vide fur­ther infor­ma­tion on the con­cept and availability.

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    Research and devel­op­ment at Micro­vista
    Since 2011, Micro­vista has been invest­ing in research and devel­op­ment to improve CT images and the auto­mat­ic eval­u­a­tion of images with regard to dimen­sion­al and struc­tur­al IO/NIO criteria.

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    Micro­vista GmbH
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    In 2020 we have extend­ed our qual­i­ty man­age­ment cer­ti­fi­ca­tion DIN EN ISO9001:2015 by DIN EN 9100 in the aero­space sec­tor and are thus list­ed in the OASIS data­base as a ser­vice provider in the field of com­put­ed tomography.