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Microvista offers services in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT / Non-Destructive Testing) and has specialized in industrial computed tomography.

We test individual parts, components or (component) series and detect features & dimensions, so that a long-term and safe use of the tested parts in vehicles, airplanes or machines is permanently guaranteed. Within the scope of this quality assurance, only parts that are NIO at the defined points become rejects.

Our range of services extends from initial sampling to the fast, series-accompanying inspection of large quantities. Microvista integrates inline CT systems and offers the implementation of customer-specific inspection concepts. Intelligent, automated analysis and evaluation routines of CT scan data are already an integral part of our solution strategy and allow us to meet the highest quality requirements at a reasonable price.

In addition to our measurement services, we are also happy to support you in evaluating your CT scan data.

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Serial inspection

Fast CT for the inspection & measurement of component series

In various application scenarios, series production component testing is a great added value for OEMs and the entire supply chain: The fast and cost-effective inspection of batches enables quality defects to be identified and costs for the further processing of components with hidden defects to be reduced.

We help you reach your quality goal:

  • You achieve a capable/mastered production process and can reduce your inspection effort step by step.
  • We prevent the blocking of your batch and provide you with a proof of quality.

Fast and cost-effective 100% inspection

Through the combination of a fast CT and a specially developed software for the analysis and evaluation of the scan results, we can realize an automatic serial testing up to 100% inspection - and all this at a reasonable price!


With the use of artificial intelligence in series testing, Microvista is considered a pioneer in the field of automated analysis and evaluation routines of CT scan data in the industrial sector.
In the journal "Foundry" (April 2019 issue) we have published a technical article on this topic.

Our services


Serial inspection

Automatic inspection of larger samples up to 100% inspection. Due to preset parameters, components in high quantities and with very low cycle times are classified (see above).

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering

Von einem vorhandenen Bauteil gibt es weder eine aktuelle Zeichnung noch ein CAD-Modell. Beim Reverse Engineering wird zunächst ein reales Bauteil digitalisiert. Die reale Geometrie steht dann als Punktewolke zur Verfügung. Um zu einem universellen CAD-Modell ohne Fertigungsabweichungen zu kommen wird anschließend mit einem CAD-Programm nachbearbeitet.

Detektion von Kernresten

Core residues, chips, ridge

The CT examination allows cavities to be checked for the presence of sand or core residues, larger chips and burrs caused by core breakage in castings. In case of burr, the quantity of the closure can be determined automatically.

CT Datenauswertung

CT data evaluation

Microvista hat auch einen automatisierten Prozess zur CT-Datenauswertung entwickelt und implementiert. Ihre rekonstruierten CT-Scandaten und Prüfanforderungen können Sie uns in der Microvista Secure Cloud bereitstellen. Die Ergebnisse werden über ein Q-Gate geprüft und in Form von Daten und einem Prüfreport über die Cloud an Sie übergeben.

Montage- und Fügekontrolle

Assembly and joint control

Industrially or manually manufactured assemblies can be examined by means of CT as part of an assembly and joining inspection with regard to assembly errors without dismantling or destroying them.


Defect analysis

Typical defects in components are pores, blowholes and inclusions. These can be detected by means of a CT examination, displayed in 3D and evaluated with state-of-the-art CT analysis software.


Wall thickness measurement

The industrial computer tomographs can also work as coordinate measuring machines. Measurements can be taken at any position on the drawing and compared with specifications. In connection with lightweight construction requirements, wall thickness measurement plays a special role.



Microvista bietet die zerstörungsfreie Werkstoffprüfung mittels luftgekoppelten Ultraschalls an. Anstelle von Wasser und Gel kommt als Koppelmittel Luft zum Einsatz. Diese Methode hat den Vorteil, direkt in einen Produktionsablauf integriert werden zu können. Zudem ist es möglich Objekte aus leicht verformbaren Materialien (z.B. Elastomere) zu prüfen. Die zerstörungsfreie Luftultraschalluntersuchung eignet sich u.a. ideal zur Prüfung auf Fehlstellen, Einschlüsse und Inhomogenitäten.

CT system

Up to now, the logistics to and from the testing service provider during series inspection have been associated with high costs and time expenditure. These expenses can now be saved: With the mobile "Flex CT" system, the inspection of larger quantities of parts can soon be carried out directly at the customer's premises. Microvista is currently developing such a system and will soon provide further information on the concept and availability.

Einsatz von KI

Der Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) sorgt in der zerstörungsfreien Prüfung für Effizienz, Kosteneinsparung und Fehlervermeidung. Microvista setzt automatische Bewertungsverfahren, bei denen Bauteile auf Defekte geprüft werden, gezielt ein und hat Tools entwickelt, um auch mit wenigen Ausgangsdaten robuste Lösungen liefern zu können.

Lötstellenbewertung Bauteil IO
Lötstellenbewertung Bauteil NIO

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Forschung und Entwicklung bei Microvista
Seit 2011 investiert Microvista in Forschung und Entwicklung zur Bildverbesserung bei CT-Aufnahmen und der automatischen Auswertung der Aufnahmen hinsichtlich maßlicher und struktureller IO/NIO-Kriterien.

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Did you know?
In 2020 we have extended our quality management certification DIN EN ISO9001:2015 by DIN EN 9100 in the aerospace sector and are thus listed in the OASIS database as a service provider in the field of computed tomography.