Microvista – Specialist service provider for measuring & testing by means of CT scanning


Defect analysis

Typical defects in components are pores, cavity and inclusions. These can be detected by means of a CT examination, represented in 3D and evaluated with modern CT analysis software.


Series examination

Automatic control of small and medium series until the 100% examination. By predefined Parameters are components classified in high quantities and in very low cycle times (OK/not OK).


Reverse Engineering

An available component there is neither a current drawing nor a CAD model. However, these can be detected by CT technology by means of a digitization process, thus are producing a one-to-one copy of the component.


Dimensional measurement

The industrial computer allows a CAD target-actual comparison, measuring of drawing positions, a wall thickness measuring and that initial samples test including an initial sample report.


Detection of core and processing residues

The CT scan allows the verification of voids and cavities in castings regarding existing sand or core residues. The size (volume) and the location of residues may be determined as accurately.


Assembly and joint control

Industrial or manual produced assemblies can be examined in the context of assembly and joining control with respect to assembly errors by CT without dismantle it or destroy.



Measuring. Testing. Inspections. Inspection of single units and serial inspection.

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Customer-specific evaluation of CT data. Automatic and reliable. Centralised or on-site.

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 Inline CT:

Non-destructive material testing by CT scanning. Directly integrated in the production process

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Microvista GmbH has specialized in industrial computed tomography, one of the most advanced NDT measuring and testing procedures, and is one of the leading service providers in Germany in this field. With high-performance X-ray tubes and high-resolution detectors, Microvista measures and tests components and assemblies for customer-specific or standardized quality features. In comparison to conventional testing, industrial computed tomography offers a cost-effective added value with regard to informative content. 

Microvista GmbH’s customers are aware of the opportunities and advantages of industrial computed tomography scanning and fully profit from them regarding quality assurance and further development of their products. Microvista’s highly skilled employees are specialized in transforming complex issues into concise test reports or test programs featuring automatic pass/fail evaluation. Moreover, customers benefit from professional workflow management, which even allows for testing of very large quantities.


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