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Serial inspection

Fast CT for the inspection & measurement of component series

In various application scenarios, series production component testing is a great added value for OEMs and the entire supply chain: The fast and cost-effective inspection of batches enables quality defects to be identified and costs for the further processing of components with hidden defects to be reduced.

We help you reach your quality goal:

  • You achieve a capable/mastered production process and can reduce your inspection effort step by step.
  • We prevent the blocking of your batch and provide you with a proof of quality.

Fast and cost-effective 100% inspection

Through the combination of a fast CT and a specially developed software for the analysis and evaluation of the scan results, we can realize an automatic serial testing up to 100% inspection - and all this at a reasonable price!


With the use of artificial intelligence in series testing, Microvista is considered a pioneer in the field of automated analysis and evaluation routines of CT scan data in the industrial sector.
In the journal "Foundry" (April 2019 issue) we have published a technical article on this topic.

Our services


Serial inspection

Automatic inspection of larger samples up to 100% inspection. Due to preset parameters, components in high quantities and with very low cycle times are classified (see above).

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering

There is neither a current drawing nor a CAD model of an existing component. In reverse engineering, a real component is first digitized. The real geometry is then available as a point cloud. In order to obtain a universal CAD model without manufacturing deviations, the part is reworked with a CAD program.

Detektion von Kernresten

Core residues, chips, ridge

The CT examination allows cavities to be checked for the presence of sand or core residues, larger chips and burrs caused by core breakage in castings. In case of burr, the quantity of the closure can be determined automatically.

Montage- und Fügekontrolle

Assembly and joint control

Industrially or manually manufactured assemblies can be examined by means of CT as part of an assembly and joining inspection with regard to assembly errors without dismantling or destroying them.


Defect analysis

Typical defects in components are pores, blowholes and inclusions. These can be detected by means of a CT examination, displayed in 3D and evaluated with state-of-the-art CT analysis software.


Wall thickness measurement

The industrial computer tomographs can also work as coordinate measuring machines. Measurements can be taken at any position on the drawing and compared with specifications. In connection with lightweight construction requirements, wall thickness measurement plays a special role.

CT system

If it comes to serial inspection the logistic costs to and from the testing house have been a high cost factor and is time consuming additionally. These costs can now be saved: With a mobile, flexible CT system, the inspection of large component quantities can soon be carried out directly at the customer's company location. Microvista is currently developing such a system and will provide information on the concept and availability soon.

Mobiles CT System

You scan,
we analyze

You have your own CT, but need help with data evaluation? Your capacities to evaluate scan data are limited and your staff is not trained? The manual analysis takes valuable time for other urgent tasks and special programs for evaluation are not available?

Microvista not only has two state-of-the-art computer tomographs, but has also developed and implemented an automated process for CT data evaluation. You can provide us with your reconstructed CT scan data and inspection requirements in the Microvista Secure Cloud. The results are checked via a Q-Gate and transferred to you in the form of data and an inspection report via the cloud.

Whether small quantity or serial scan - put the CT data evaluation into our hands. We save you time & costs and deliver immediately reliable evaluation results - according to your wishes.


NDT: Air-coupled ultrasound

In addition to industrial computer tomography, Microvista also offers non-destructive materials testing using air-coupled ultrasound. Hereby, air is used as coupling agent instead of water and gel. This examination method has the great advantage that it can be integrated directly into a production process. It is also possible to test objects made of easily deformable materials (e.g. elastomers).
The non-destructive airborne ultrasound examination is ideal for testing for defects, inclusions and inhomogeneities in plastics, wood, fibre composites, laminations, multi-layer panel constructions and joints. A software developed especially for testing continuously displays the measurement results in interpretable form.

Luftgekoppelter Ultraschall

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